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Roma Downey's Little Angels: Review and Giveaway

Meet The Little Angels

When I was in graduate school, I promised myself that when I had kids, I would be the type of parent who would make every moment a learning opportunity. I had this grand plan of sitting with them and teaching them everything I knew - all before they started their formal schooling. When I mentioned this to some of my mom friends, they laughed. They said no matter how much I avoided it, the TV would become a valuable tool. I vowed never to use the TV as a sitter, but as a teaching aid.

When I had kids, I stuck to my "grand plan". I took advantage of being a stay at home mom and devoted myself to teaching them - cooking and grocery shopping became an opportunity to teach them math and science, my white wall became their canvas, and road trips became history lessons. We watched some TV, but I have to admit, I was disappointed with what was on. I wanted shows that were educational, whose characters and overall message taught important life lessons and values that were in line with our own. As years passed, I became increasingly convinced that no such show existed. Until, last week when my daughter and I were invited by Fox to preview Little Angels.

Little Angels is a DVD series in which pre-school aged children learn the basics like ABCs and 123s in the context of Bible stories told to preschool twins Alexand Zoe by Little Angels wholive on the ceiling of their bedroom. The angels come to life when the children need them the most, guiding them through the challenges of their young lives.

The Little Angels series is presented by Executive Producer Roma Downey ("Touched by and Angel"). Roma Downey states, "For many years I had the privilege of playing an angel on television, bringing a message of God's love to millions of Americans. As a mother, I have longed to be part of a project that would help to bring that same message to children by not only teaching them the foundations of education - but also providing strong examples of good behavior. Little Angels does just that. It offers critical learning skills through the lens of timeless and age appropriate Bible stories. I only wish this series had been available when my kids were younger!"

The series, which was released on February 14 along with the first 3 DVDs and 2 books, was created for pre-school aged children to teach practical learning skills like the alphabet and numbers. The Little Angels series is presented in a captivating and entertaining format that will help parents foster in their children a love of learning while providing hours of fun. At the end of each lesson, Roma Downey has an informational chat with parents about how to complete the character lesson.

At present, the Little Angels franchise includes 2 books, 3 DVDs, CDs, and an App available on iTunes. For more information, visit the Little Angels website.

My daughter and I have watched all 3 DVDs and have read the books many times since we first received them. I love that Little Angels teach lessons like sharing, caring, cooperation, and honesty and good old-fashioned family values. The series teaches kids ABCs, 123s, animals, love of Bible stories in an age-appropriate way without overwhelming them. Little Angels is now a permanent fixture in our home. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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*Photos courtesy of Fox and Peter Zakhary
*No monetary compensation was paid to me by Fox. I was invited to a media event. Products for review and giveaway provided by Fox.

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